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The Island

"Attack of the Clones."

Ewan McGregor is the new Charlton Heston in this apocolyptic vision of America (set in 2019? Come on, people, give us a little more time than that to self-destruct!). Scarlett Johansson wears too much lip gloss and has been bleached a fairly unattractive shade of britney blonde.

They are best friends who escape their holding facility of clone organ donors to the real world where they save the other clones, expose the fraud and become lovers.

Soylent green is ... peeeeeeeple!

Right. I got bored toward the end when Sean Bean was trying to kill Ewan McGregor (the clone) after Sean Bean realizes that Ewan McGregor the clone is not Ewan McGregor the "real mccoy." And they're fighting and they're shooting and they're biting and scratching and the whole place is coming down around their ears and I've already tuned out because it was too damn long and I'm watching it on fast-forward. The end.

Favorite moments: Steve Buscemi! Djimon Hounsou's parting look, the futuristic MACK truck was a very sweet looking machine.


Blogger lostdog said...

Good to see you've revitalised your film review blog. Even if you are mostly saying "I just watched this movie which you've probably already seen and didn't like".

6:11 PM

Blogger k_sra said...

Hehe. Ya, exactly. I cannot seem to find the fine line between writing about films no one wants to see and seeing films people want to see, but haven't.

9:44 AM

Blogger Saint Kansas said...

How could anyone get bored watching someone trying to kill Ewan McGregor?

12:35 PM

Blogger k_sra said...

I don't know, Kankan. I guess it depends on your outlook. I'm sentimentally disposed toward McGregor for singing his lungs out in Moulin Rouge. But that's because I liek to see people try new things.

10:39 AM


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