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Love On The Run

"Antoine Doinel Settles Down... We Think."

François Truffaut did an amazing thing, a daring thing, and an as of yet unprecedented or repeated thing. He filmed the same actor playing the same character over a period of seventeen years. Love On The Run is the fifth and final film in the Antoine Doinel series, catching up with Jean-Pierre Leaud as a thirty year old fresh from divorce and trying to make sense of his love life.
There is something eerily evocative about watching this entire journey unfold on film before our eyes, starting with a tough, but sensitive misfit 13 year old in The 400 Blows. Then follows him in to and out of the army, and then into and out of marriage.

The final film contains segments of earlier films to illuminate the back story for those un brave enough to watch them all. However, I wouldn't recommend missing out on 400 blows or on Stolen Kisses (numbers 1 and 3 in the series). Both are excellent films in their own right and worth watching for the eery effect that watching a kid grow up on film can have on your psyche.

Favorite Moments: The denoument.


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