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Catch Me if You Can

"Taming of the weasel."

At the risk of seeming snobbish, I don't really care that much about current Hollywood releases. Even this one. I willingly admit this was a fine feature film, but feature films nowadays don't do much for me. They're predictable, emotionally flat and usually lacking in any subtlety. I think of SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER's as the little cheesecake squares you get before or after a meal. I nice treat to cleanse the palate.

In this film, Leonardo finds a father in Tom Hanks through the premise of cops and robbers.

Maybe what bugs me so much is the plastic, shiny seamlessness of a major Hollywood production. Everything has to be Disney perfect. The latest in film technology (with filters to achieve antiquing effects), the cleanest editing so that you are never pulled out of the story, Oscar worthy costume details, flawless hair and makeup and on and on. It's like watching barbies.

Maybe I have become spoiled. Maybe the rougher cuts and rawer emotion of Ingmar Begman's depressing films have finally sunk into my psyche and I begin to realize what it is I haven't seen all my life: Life. Hollywood is dead. Boring. Predictable. It's Money in the Bank. Dull as soap.

Favorite Moments: The phone calls, the girl's dilemma.


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