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Henry Fool

"Socrates you ain't"

It won a Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Screenplay. And I pretty much hated the whole movie. *sigh* If that constitutes the best this world has to offer in terms of dialogue, I'm ready to move on.

Poorly acted, badly edited, and eerily impotent in its attempted reach. It tried so hard to be something it wasn't: a good film. Reminded me of my high school trying to put on "serious works" like Pinter or Albee. Come to think of it, it pretty much was Albee. It was like watching a long, self-involved play performed by amateurs (note: I do not for a moment discredit the talent of the actors, but I roundly disliked the direction they were given and the words they had to say.)

Sorry, Hal.

Favorite Moments: (Come on, there has to be one...) Henry Fool's son was the best part of this movie. Wished he'd been the lead...


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