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The Naked Kiss

"Being a prostitute is lame."

This is such an odd movie that I have to recommend it to those of you out there who appreciate the finer B-movie influences of our world. This Sam Fuller classic is NOT a B-movie, but I can see where B-movies get their ambition.

The movie begins with scrawny prostitute, Kelly, beating the hell out of her drunk pimp. Adding to the distortion, she is completely bald. The opening credits roll as she uses the camera as a mirror to adjust her wig, makeup, etc. She moves to a nice suburb and becomes a decent citizen and nurse (?) at a children's hospital and even manages to get engaged to the town's most respected citizen only to discover... Am I wrecking it for you? Fine. I'll leave off.

Favorite moments: Kelly's violent streak, Kelly finds a nice little room, "Little girl! Little girl!"


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