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The Magic Flute

"Why Mozart?"№¢

What is it about Ingmar Bergman that has The Criterion Collection people so giddy with delight? Not only do they carry eleven of his films, they also chose films which are boring as hell. I do not deny the power of Winter Light or the beauty of The Silence, but when they foist a theater adaptation of The Magic Flute down our throats I have to wonder who's paying them to do this. Aparently, this was the first and only attempt at operatic film, and while I am pleased for Bergman that he chose to do this project, I really didn't want to watch it. And it's difficult to watch an opera on fast-forward, because the only good thing is the music.

Favorite Moments: Overture sequence, fade to orange, Popagano and Popagana's song.


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