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Stray Dog: Kerberos Panzer Cops

"How I watched the wrong movie."№¢

This is a really funny story: I went to get Kurosawa's Stray Dog to watch it and instead picked up another Japanese film by the same name. Oops. And it sucked. But I watched it anyway, so I'm gonna write about it.

Stray Dog begins with black and white pictures of cute little puppies with acoustic guitar music. Then we cut to color shots of Japanese Robocops in a dungeon hideout. They are running from the law. Then one of them leaves in a heli and a younger one sees him go and cries out and then the gates open and the law shows up to deport/kill everybody. And then I lost contact with the story. I watched most of it on fast-forward. It made no sense. The end. Thank you for your time.

Favorite Moment: Realizing this wasn't the film I wanted to watch.


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