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The Last Wave

"Peter Weir is just Peter Weird without a 'd'."

I like Peter Weir. He makes kooky movies, like Picnic at Hanging Rock and Master and Commander. His films are intentionally broody and submersed in whatever minute emotion Weir is investigating at the time. His concentrated focus surrounds his characters, locking them under our gaze for the duration of the film (take The Truman Show, for instance, where this happens quite literally).
In The Last Wave, Richard Chamberlain plays a lawyer submerged somewhat unwillingly into the world of tribal aborigines. The film plays like a long, hallucinatory dream, at once suspensful and hypnotizing. David Gulpilil, who haunts almost every internationally acclaimed Australian film, stars as Chris Lee.

Favorite Moments: Chris' appearance in the dream, water on the stairs, floating tomatoes.


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