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The Horse's Mouth

"Alec Guinness is not a beer." ▲ ♪

That's right. He's a British actor. A very good British actor who is well-known for comedic parts. Lots of them. My favorite film of his is Kind Hearts and Coronets in which he plays no less than eight characters.

But in this film he plays just one: Gulley Jimson - wizened, crotchety, spirited artist (everything I hope to be myself someday). Without breaking a sweat, Sir Guinness merges with Jimson, cramming the screen for 95 minutes with vivacious dialogue (which he wrote himself) and delightful rapaciousness. Some scallywags make such good theater. I watched this film twice in one evening. It was that good. I'm pretty sure at this point that I am also going to read the book by the same name written by Joyce Cary.

Favorite Moments: Jimson's voice, his regal appearance in a bed spread, visit to Sal's, Nosey finds a wall, millionaires falling through the rug on the hole in the floor, Jimson passing a Naval vessel.


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