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Mona Lisa

"Why I love Bob Hoskins"

One of the most unabashedly sentimental films I have ever seen, this film is scored almost entirely with Nat King Cole classics and Opera and set in the London prostitution world. It is NOT sentimental about prostitution, however. In fact its unflinching look at child exploitation is to its credit. Rather, the character Bob Hoskins plays, George, drips with sentimentality and romantic ideal. He warms to the call girl he is assigned to drive around town and comes to view her as a saint disguised as a whore. What's truly fascinating to me is that the director Neil Jordan originally envisioned Sean Connery in the role of George. I cannot imagine that. Smirking and lisping and raising his eyebrows as he smacks his greasy lips. The horror. But, let's face it, I am a Bob Hoskins admirer and Sean Connery can go to hell.

Favorite Moments: George really looking at Simone for the first time. Clothes shopping. George beating the shit out of the pimps.


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