In which I attempt to watch every film in The Criterion Collection and end up watching a lot that aren't. Click here for the rating system.


The Cranes Are Flying

"What filmmaking should be." ▲ ♪

It's films like this one that make this fool's errand of mine worth while. I mean, no one's paying me to watch two and three films a night. I do it for the sake of this unreachable goal of mine. It's like a pig climbing up a coal chute, me attempting to view a collection of films that gets bigger every day. But then there are nights when I sit down, put in another Russian film, ready to hit the fast-forward button and instead, I'm paralyzed by the beauty on the screen. Every frame, every shot, every scene. This is what filmmaking is... or should be. Mikhail Kalatozov tells a heartbreaking and yet beautiful story set during WWII.

Favorite Moments: Beginning, middle, end.


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