In which I attempt to watch every film in The Criterion Collection and end up watching a lot that aren't. Click here for the rating system.


(A Word To Our Readers)

Some have expressed concern over the preponderance of unknown film titles in this collection of film reviews. Please, DO NOT BE ALARMED. These films are supposed to be unknown to the masses. They are the "fine wines" of the film world. To watch them is to be initiated into the snobbish culture of film-buffs known as Truffaut troglodytes, Kurosawa connoisseurs, and Buñuel bourgeoisie. Pinkies up in disdain toward your other, lesser film-watching friends - the great unwatched, as it were. So, please don't feel bad that you have never heard of or watched any of these films. At least you can read about them here and then make knowing small talk with real filmophiles. Besides, viewing them is as easy as calling your local library or getting a Netflix account (product placement). But in the interest of time, I will here devise a rating system for the films I personally have viewed. I do not promise you will like the films I like nor that you will hate the films I hate. That would be asking too much. Instead, you may draw your own conclusions from my rating system and apply it to your film watching as you see fit.

Here, for your edification, is my overly-labored and complex rating system.

Rating System
I recommend it: ▲
I don't recommend it: ▼
It made me happy: ♪
It made no sense: №¢


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