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Wages of Fear

"How intense was it?" ▲ ♪

From now on, I will refer to very intense moments in my life as "wages-of-fear intense." Meaning, they are so intense as to cause one to stop breathing and/or pace the room attempting vainly to alleviate the intensity. This is different from horror. Horror is creepy. This film is intense. Beautifully so.
Henri-Georges Clouzot should get a pat on the back for making this wonderful movie. Four men take on a suicide drive across a rugged landscape in trucks loaded with demonic amounts of nitroglycerine. Some of the shots, plot points and acting moments are cinematic gorgiosity.

Favorite Moments: Many, many moments. Just watch the film.


Blogger Worldgineer said...

Ok, so I tried watching one of your odd films. Took a while to get into this one. Much of the acting was painful (such as the man from the oil company - ouch). However, the main actors had tolerable acting, and once you make it past halfway you just can't stop watching.

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