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"What? No Happy Ending?"

This may be the most internationally acclaimed Indian film of recent times, but I hesitate to laud what the West thinks is good Bollywood. The stars of Devdas were invited to The Cannes Film Festival in 2002. This wouldn't be so amazing if it weren't for the fact that no commercial Indian film has ever been invited to Cannes. Why did Devdas get chosen for this dubious honor? My theory: because it doesn't have a happy ending. (This may be a first for Bollywood, I don't know.) Regardless, the film was shown in the "not in the competition" division. This version of the story is the third or fourth remake of a novel by a sappy Indian teenager.

184 minutes short, stars the impossibly beautiful Ashwarya Rai, the ubiquitous Shahrukh Khan and the equally ubiquitous and vastly talented Madhuri Dixit (See my review of Dil to Pagal Hai). You might as well familiarize yourself with these three actors. You'll be seeing them again and again.

Costumery and dance in this film are dazzling and decadent. Here, take a peek.

Favorite Moments: Paro's mother issuing a curse, Chandramuhki and Paro dance, the saris. Yum.


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