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"Oh Gertrud, Gertrud."

Staring off into space while speaking in a monotone. Draping oneself over furniture or sitting stiffly on the edge of a sofa. Intoning philosophies at a lover while he grows increasingly bored. These are the halmarks of Carl Dreyer's controversial last film.
It is art at its finest; unintelligible.
One woman's excruciatingly slow search for love brought Dreyer little fame at the time of its release and I fear little fame now. I hesitate to trounce it any further, though, because there were masterful elements that showed Dreyer knew what he was doing. Nevertheless, I do not recommend watching it unless you are doing a research paper on Dreyer. In which case, it is indispensable.
I found the interviews more interesting than the film itself.

Favorite Moments: Gertrud's evening gown, Dr. Alex, Gabriel's tears.


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