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"Means: to live." ▲ ♪

You should never feel anxious about watching an Akiru Kurosawa film. I assure you, when it comes to Kurosawa, you are in good hands. He is a master of narrative and a genius in camera work.
In Ikiru, Kurosawa explores the meaning of human existence through the life and death of a bureaucrat, beautifully played by Takashi Shimura. When he discovers he is dying of stomach cancer he also realizes he has never truly lived. He then attempts to make up for the years he has wasted.
Shimura's commitment to the role earned him a stomach ulcer during the shooting of the film. Shimura's portrayal is even more astounding when compared to next role he would play; Kambei in Seven Samurai.
Ikiru comes with a dazzling assortment of extras from Criterion.

Favorite Moments: Walking home from the doctors, talking to his son, the toy bunny, persistent requesting, the swing shot (of course).


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